Zachary Levi scores lead role in DC's upcoming Shazam! film

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Oct 27, 2017, 8:00 PM EDT

Zachary Levi will be summoning the legendary powers of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury as Captain Marvel in the upcoming DCEU feature film Shazam!.

Created by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck in 1939, Captain Marvel, aka Shazam, was a Superman-esque caped crimefighter and the alter ego of the mortal Billy Batson, who would transform into the strapping superhero upon the invocation of the magic name "Shazam!" The character first appeared in Whiz Comics #2 in February 1940 and quickly became a multimillion-issue seller throughout the decade. DC Comics acquired the rights to Captain Marvel in 1972. (Not to be confused with Marvel's Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers.)


Though a live-action feature has been in various forms of development over the past 17 years, DC and New Line revealed earlier this year that they were pushing forward with a two-movie Shazam! film. This summer it was announced that David S. Sandberg (Lights Out, Annabelle: Creation) would be directing the first film, slated for an April 9, 2019, release, which will not include Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, the ancient Egyptian priest and nemesis of Captain Marvel. Johnson gets his own solo film later in the lengthy DC schedule.

Levi (Chuck, Heroes Reborn) was famously seen in Thor: The Dark World as Fandral, and returns as one of the Warriors Three in next month's Thor: Ragnarok.


Shazam! is due to start production in February 2018 ahead of the DCEU Flashpoint feature.

How do you like Warner Bros.' casting of Levi? Do you think he can muster the muscle to fill the famous boots?

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