Zachary Quinto says Star Trek isn’t the same without J.J. Abrams

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Aug 21, 2015, 7:52 PM EDT (Updated)

J.J. Abrams directed the first two rebooted Star Trek movies, but as we know, he’s currently too occupied with another little project to squeeze in time for the third Star Trek film. Justin Lin is currently helming the new movie, Star Trek Beyond. And according to Zachary Quinto, this is creating a different on-set dynamic. 

Quinto told MTV, “Invariably there’s going to be a different vibe when you remove someone as gregarious and outgoing and talented as J.J.”

But different isn’t necessary better or worse. Quinto said, “Justin has come in with this really interesting and confident energy that’s a little bit more reserved and a little bit quieter, but also very powerful and really sure-handed. He knows exactly what he wants this movie to look like, and that’s really exciting.”

In other words, it seems as if Abrams is more of an extrovert, whereas Lin is more of an introvert. 

Although extroverts are more prevalent in a people-facing job such as director, Lin’s directing style is not uncommon. Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock were introverts, and their films were masterfully crafted. In fact, states that introverts make excellent directors, because of their ability to imagine and to listen.

From what Quinto says, Lin appears capable of turning his vision into on-screen reality. I’m looking forward to seeing where Lin will be taking us as he goes boldly into the 23rd century.

Via MTV.