Zack Snyder confirms fan theory from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Jun 16, 2017, 11:37 AM EDT

There's no doubt that Zack Snyder is a visual storyteller, and oftentimes viewers need to look deeper at the symbolism in scenes to see other narratives or subtext he may have left for the audience to pick up. His audio commentaries on DVD and Blu-ray releases are often enlightening as he explains these themes and his process, or the thinking behind what led to a particular scene. Once in a while he'll jump online to confirm a fan's theory. Snyder recently went on the VERO social network to confirm one fan's theory about the Day of the Dead scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

After leaving Lex Luthor's party, Superman saves a girl trapped in a burning factory in Mexico. After placing her away from harm's way he is surrounded by a crowd of people celebrating the Day of the Dead holiday, with their faces painted with skulls on them. At first glance, it echoes the Messiah-like imagery that's rampant throughout Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice. That they are able to be close enough to meeting a Christ-like figure. 

One fan went further to believe that the crowd represents Superman being haunted by those innocents he was unable to save in the mass destruction at the end of Man of Steel.  Many of Snyder's harshest critics did not like that there was no remorse for all of that carnage caused by his Kryptonian fisticuffs with Zod. It turns out that the fan was right.

The above image is a screen capture of Snyder's confirming this theory. This scene can actually be connected back to the one in Man of Steel when Zod tells Superman that he would drown in an ocean of skulls of those people he couldn't save while trying to stop him. Thus the weight of trying to save everyone is something he thinks of, and here confirms that he is bothered by knowing that his best is still not enough.

Snyder does construct a lot in scenes like this, and though that may not satisfy some viewers, he is making an effort to tell a "larger picture" narrative about Superman through Man of Steel, Dawn of Justice and most likely Justice League too. 

Source: via Screenrant