Zack Snyder on creating the new Batman design, Frank Miller’s influence (or lack thereof)

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Nov 18, 2016, 1:12 PM EST (Updated)

Considering how long we’ve been hearing about this movie, it’s hard to believe we still have to wait until next year to actually see it. But Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder is at least trying to keep us busy with some new intel on his DC team-up flick.

In a chat with Comic Book Resources, Snyder touched on his unique take on the Batman costume, as well as the influence (or lack thereof) of Frank Miller’s seminal Dark Knight Returns comic. Snyder said he wanted to nail down a more fabric-based take on the costume, as opposed to the armor we’ve become accustomed to over the past several years. Which, yeah, there’s no denying this costume looks awesome.

Here’s how Snyder explains his inspiration for Ben Affleck’s new-look Dark Knight:

“I had a really strong idea about what I wanted to do -- I really wanted to do sort of a fabric-based Batman; not what's become the more normal, armored Batman. That's how we evolved it … I definitely wanted an older Batman. I wanted a war-weary Batman. That's why, in a lot of ways, Ben was really perfect for me -- we kind of aged him a little bit. It worked really great. I'm really excited about the Batman we created.”

As for Frank Miller’s influence? It turns out Batman v Superman might not be quite as inspired by Dark Knight Returns as we’d thought, as Snyder notes you could still conceivably make a Dark Knight Returns movie without retreading what they’ve done here. Instead, Snyder says he tried to pay homage to some of the imagery from the comic — not co-opt Miller’s story into a working script:

“There are so many great artists who have drawn Batman. So many great comics that have been created -- it's countless. I was talking to Frank about it: "Dark Knight Returns" was such a big influence on me, that I wanted to to honor him through imagery in the movie. You could still make "Dark Knight Returns" into a movie, if you want. That's what I'm saying, as far as how much we used and how much we didn't use. The visual elements, there are some that I homage, but I don't think the movie [is an adaptation] … All people have to go on are the first two trailers. They're going to see more when we show more. You'll learn more.”

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens March 25, 2016.

(Via Comic Book Resources)