Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams weigh in on response to Batman v Superman

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Mar 24, 2016

With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice getting slammed by critics, the director and two of the stars have remarked on the response to the film.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives in theaters tomorrow, but reviews from film critics  started going up on Tuesday -- and they have not been kind, to say the least. As I write this, the movie has an overall score of just 31 percent on the Rotten Tomatoes review aggregation site, with just 53 listed as "fresh" and 121 tallied as "rotten."

Ouch. And a lot of the reviews have been quite scathing, calling out everything from certain casting decisions (Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor is taking a beating) to the movie's script to the numerous teases dropped for future DC movies. But with the cast and crew doing interviews in London for the film as the reviews were piling on, director Zack Snyder and stars Henry Cavill (Superman) and Amy Adams (Lois Lane) were asked by Yahoo! UK to respond to the critical assault.

Snyder was brief:

“I’m a comic book guy and I made the movie based as much as I could on that aesthetic. And so I don’t know how else to do it 100%, so it is what it is.”

Cavill and Adams were more expansive and thoughtful in their answers, which boiled down to kind of the same thing: If you're interested in the movie, don't let any critics stop you from seeing it. Here's Cavill:

"The interesting thing is that we get the critics who have their personal opinions. And the thing about personal opinions is that they always come from a place. And there’s a preconceived idea which you have to get past a critic before you start writing your article or your review, and that affects everything.”

The star, whose performance as Superman has taken some heat in reviews (along with, to be fair, the way the character is written), added:

"What is really going to matter, I believe, is what the audience says, because they’re the ones who are buying tickets, they’re the ones who want to see more of this kind of story or not and so the audience’s voice is loudest and after this weekend the audience, at least partly, will have spoken."

Amy Adams, to whom reviews have been a bit more kind, agreed that Batman v Superman is not the kind of movie that film critics usually flip over:

"I know that Zack doesn’t make the movies, or none of us are making the movies for the critics. You can’t go into it with that perspective. I know we really hope the fans like it and so far the reaction has been really positive on that front ... If you’re interested in a film you should see it and form your own opinion rather than just going on the word of somebody (else)."

Hollywood history, of course, is filled with movies that critics blasted even as the pictures raked in massive amounts of cash -- the Transformers films and even last year's Jurassic World being two of the more recent examples. There is no doubt that everyone should form their own opinion of any movie they see, whether critics and other moviegoers like it or not. But do you think critics have their knives out in particular for Batman v Superman? Will the wave of negative reviews give you pause before you plunk down your money this weekend?

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