Zack Snyder reveals the DC villain who was almost the focus of Man of Steel 2

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Nov 18, 2016, 1:12 PM EST (Updated)

With San Diego Comic-Con just days away, we're hearing more and more from the creators expected to roll out more big news from their upcoming projects at the event, and so far Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been at the forefront. New images from the film have already been released, a massive Hall H panel has been promised, and more surprises are on the way, but the brains behind the project, most notably director Zack Snyder, are also thinking about what might have been.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Snyder discussed how the followup to Man of Steel wasn't always set to be a showdown with Batman. At one point, Warner Bros. was hoping to launch a new Superman villain into the universe, but another alien invasion (a la Brainiac) was out of the question after Zod's machinations in the first film. So Snyder and company came up with another idea.

“I remember we were talking about, ‘What’s the next ­villain?’ ” Snyder said. “‘We can’t do another alien invasion.’ Brainiac was definitely down the road. Metallo, I think, was going to be the main bad guy of this movie.”

Yes, apparently we almost got a film featuring Superman facing off against a powerful cyborg with a core powered by Kryptonite, but ultimately Snyder's plan fell away to a Justice League setup flick. Snyder even noted that he had an idea for this alternate Man of Steel sequel that would've perhaps introduced Bruce Wayne at the very end, but it was not to be.

“I said, ‘What about at the end of the movie we do a scene where there’s a crate full of Kryptonite delivered to Wayne Manor,’” Snyder said. “Everyone was like… ‘Okaay.’ Once you say it out loud it’s a problem because you can’t unsay it.”

So, while we may very well see Metallo in a Warner Bros. movie eventually, it's clear from Snyder's quotes that it could've happened much sooner.

(Via EW)

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