Watchmen director's cut release plans, more details

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Zack Snyder confirmed again that there will be a limited theatrical release of an extended director's cut of Watchmen in July, and revealed that the opening title montage featured two deleted shots that may appear on a future Blu-ray or DVD, speaking in a panel at WonderCon in San Francisco on Saturday. (Spoilers ahead!)

The deleted shots from the title sequence include one of Edward Blake/the Comedian raising the flag on Iwo Jima in World War II and a shot of the inauguration of Richard Nixon. "They'll be somewhere," Snyder said, referring to future iterations of the movie that may appear on home video.

The opening title sequence is a montage of scenes that establish the 1985 alternate-universe New York of Watchmen, based in part on iconic images from art and popular culture, including a Last Supper-style retirement party for Sally Jupiter (Carla Gugino) and the assassination of John F. Kennedy by Edward Blake/the Comedian (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

As for the three-hour 10-minute director's cut, Snyder said that it would restore a sequence of Hollis Mason's death as well as "other bits and bobs ... a whole lot more naked blueness in it, too." Snyder got notes from Warner Brothers to cut some of the shots of Dr. Manhattan's blue, uh, manhood, as well as trim some of the film's graphic violence for the two-hour 37-minute theatrical release, which he agreed to "to be fair," he said.

As part of the WonderCon panel, Snyder also screened the opening portion of the movie, starting with the death of Blake, the title montage and Rorschach's initial investigation of Blake's death, right up to his conversation with Dan Dreiberg (Patrick Wilson) in the owl cave.

Snyder also addressed the question of a sequel again and denied again that he would have anything to do with one, whether the studio goes ahead or not. "It's a surprising question to me, because to me it seems impossible to even talk about, because it's like a sequel to Moby Dick or something," Snyder said. Watchmen opens March 6.