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Michael Bay's Time Salvager movie finally moving towards dystopian future

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Sep 18, 2017

It has been over two years since we first reported that Michael Bay had signed on to direct Time Salvager for the big screen. It seems like the project had languished in development hell for all that time, but finally a screenwriter has signed on to adapt the sci-fi novel for the big-screen Bay treatment.

According to Deadline, Zak Olkewicz has signed on to adapt the Wesley Chu novel. A co-producer on Lights Out, Olkewicz is currently working on a number of scripts, mostly horror, including an adaptation of the R.L. Stine teen book series Fear Street, as well as James Wan's graphic novel Malignant Man.

Time Salvager is set in a dystopian future where the Earth has become toxic and the remaining humans flee to the outskirts of the solar system in the hopes of living a few more years. The story follows James, a "chronman" who is sent back in time to retrieve resources without altering the timeline, while hopefully prolonging humanity. But James goes against the laws of time travel by bringing back a scientist who is destined to die in an accident during her time. James saves her life, but the two are forced to live as fugitives when they get back to the future.

No cast has been announced, nor has a start date for production. If it keeps moving along at this rate, though, I'm guessing it will be another two years before we hear anything. Hopefully we won't be in our own dystopian future by the time the feature reaches screens. At least we can check out the novel!


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