Zari learns a valuable lesson in a time loop in the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow

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Dec 26, 2019, 2:51 PM EST (Updated)

This week, it was a time loop. Legends of Tomorrow is no stranger to playing around with sci-fi tropes, and if anything, the biggest surprise is that it took all the way to Season 3 for it to play around with the Groundhog Day concept. The result is, sadly, a bit of a mixed bag—but still a fun mixed bag.

Spoilers ahead for “Here I Go Again,” the latest episode of The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, which aired Monday, Feb. 19, 2018!

Zari has gotten a bit of screen time in the ensemble, but more than anything she’s just kind of been there for the most part after joining up with the team to try and find a way to save her post-apocalyptic future. The time loop represented a creative way to dig into her character and force her to interact with different members of the team, albeit in one-hour chunks over and over and over and over. On paper, it makes sense as a way to integrate the outsider into the larger ensemble. But on the flip side, it takes away some weight by having a character fans might not be that invested in carry pretty much the entire episode.

Zari comes to realize that, despite the way she acts at times, she really does need to be a part of this team—and it’s more important to her than she’s realized. She also gets some good bonding time with Nate and Ray along the way, which was a nice bit of an aside. She also got the obligatory goofing off in the time loop montage, which even included a nifty cameo from Hawkgirl’s mask (remember her?) and some play time with Mick’s fire gun.

They also use the concept to drop a few bombs—both literally and figuratively. The big reveal is that Ray can’t keep a secret. He keeps Contantine’s secret that Sara could turn evil for all of one week, and spills the beans that the Hellblazer warned him that anti-magic gun might have to be used to take down the team’s captain if things go sideways. Another big twist? The time loop wasn’t even a time loop; instead it was Gideon creating a simulation to make Zari understand she needs to stick with the team if she wants to have any chance to save her time down the line.

Despite the fun moments, you have to wonder if the time loop concept might’ve been better served with something a bit more ambitious. “Here I Go Again” did a good job of checking off the boxes, but for a show that’s pushed the boundaries of sci-fi tropes, it didn’t do much more than that. But hey, even on a down week this show is still a whole lot of fun.

Assorted musings



*The real-life Gideon returns this week, though sadly Rip isn’t around for a quick hookup. It was great to see the ship’s AI back in the flesh, and a quick reminder that the disembodied voice is actually one of the smartest members of this makeshift team. 

*Nate and Amaya seem to be headed back into tricky relationship territory, and it’s only a matter of time before that story gets messy once again.

*Having Nate immediately believe Zari after only uttering the phrase “Groundhog Day” was pretty great. Of course he’d geek out over it, and jump right in.

*Mick secretly writing a sci-fi romance novel was so weird it actually worked. He’s easily the most mysterious member of the team, and it adds a fascinatingly weird wrinkle to his personality. We need a few more lines from that sordid tale.

*Zari’s speech to the team in the time loop simulation was a bit cheesy, sure, but it was a still a great moment. She really did put herself all out there, and it was refreshing to see beyond her snarky exterior.

*That ending! Rip is out in the wild, and tracks down Wally West in China for a daring mission. Wally has been missed on Flash, and it’ll be great to see him join up with the Legends for the foreseeable future. The Legends have seen a lot, but they’ve never had a speedster on the roster. The team has lost a lot this season, but Wally has the kind of big personality the team has been lacking.

Next week: Arr, mateys! The team does Pirates.

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