Zazie Beetz gives a tearful account of her Deadpool 2 stunt double's death

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:52 AM EDT (Updated)

Last month on the set of director David Leitch's Deadpool 2 in Vancouver, B.C., Joi Harris, the bold stunt double for actress Zazie Beetz, suffered a fatal motorcycle accident during the filming of an intricate action sequence.

Beetz plays Domino, the patch-eyed mutant sharpshooter and card-carrying member of the X-Force.

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At the 20th Century Fox Emmys After-Party on Sunday night, Entertainment Tonight caught up with Beetz, who was still markedly affected by the tragic event and displayed her sadness with choked-up words and a sincere show of support for the sequel's entire stunt family.

Beetz comments on how the movie shut down production for a spell and held a touching memorial for the cast and crew before rolling cameras again. She makes mention of the changes made to the film as a result of the stuntwoman's death, no doubt removing all or part of that unsafe set piece and requiring some screenplay wrangling to either cut down some of the stunt sequences or rework the continuity in the absence of Harris.

"She was a Domino, and so I feel kind of connected to her in that way," she revealed. "She lives with us, and I think she will in the film."

Have a listen to the entire interview below and tell us if you're still looking forward to Ryan Reynolds' team-up with Zazie Beetz when Deadpool 2 opens June 1, 2018.

(Via ET)

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