Zombie-fied Whedon tells us what he REALLY thinks of network TV

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Feb 14, 2013

Did you ever get the impression that maybe, just maybe, Joss Whedon had some left over aggression toward Fox?

Seth Green brought back everybody's favorite Marvel super-hero (his super power is writing and directing really awesome stuff) Joss Whedon for the latest upcoming episode of Robot Chicken. What will Joss be up to? Well, he'll be a card-carrying member of the shambling undead. He'll be killing people but, while doing so, he'll also be a bit of a Chatty Cathy. The topic of conversatio, of course, is how much he hates network television. He made sure to be very subtle about it, though. Take a look.


Frankly, it's only thanks to our keen intuition that we were able to understand what Zombie Whedon was driving at.

(via Whedonesque)

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