This zombie hidden camera prank is about the scariest experience ever recorded

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Apr 3, 2015, 11:52 AM EDT (Updated)

There are pranks, and then there are full-fledged zombie attacks that make unsuspecting citizens cry and run in terror. This one might be a bridge too far.

Footage from a hidden camera prank for the Brazilian series Silvio Santos has been released, recorded in a subway car in Ceara in northern Brazil. The “prank” is basically luring unsuspecting people onto a subway car and then having it attacked by a massive cast of zombies rocking some practical FX that could rival low-budget Walking Dead (and we mean that as a compliment).

My one thought, though — what if someone freaked out and started trying to bash in the brains of these terrifying actors? I mean, anyone who has seen a zombie movie knows all you need to do is pike the skull. What if one of these marks had happened to have a knife or wrench on them? This could’ve gotten ugly fast. 

Check out the footage of the prank below (it kicks up at about 3 minutes in) and let us know what you think:

(Via NY Daily News, io9)