Zombie legend George Romero is not impressed with the modern-day crop of horror films

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Sep 12, 2014

Horror movie auteur George A. Romero has made some of the greatest scare-fests in history, but it turns out he’s not a big fan of the current generation of horror and zombie movies.

Romero conducted a wide-ranging interview with the Montreal Gazette, and was asked what he thinks about modern horror movies, with some recent zombie standard-bearers like World War Z also brought into the mix.

The Night of the Living Dead creator argues that most horror films these days don’t have enough substance, and notes that the social undertones that informed his movies are what made them such lasting classics. Honestly, he makes some good points:

"There are very few horror films that I think are worth their salt. The horror films that I've made have been satirical in one way or another or political and I really think that's the purpose of horror. I don't see that happening very often … [In Night of the Living Dead] there’s a story there and it's not about the zombies. The zombies could be anything. They could be any disaster."

So what’s he up to instead? As comic fans likely know, Romero has a new zombie project over at Marvel called Empire of the Dead. Romero said he’s enjoying the change of medium, and he thinks it’ll keep him busy while everyone else digs back into zombie movies:

"It seems like everybody's doing [zombie movies]. I'm happy to be taking a little break from it and doing this.”

What do you think of Romero’s assessment of the horror genre? Are we in an overall decline, or are filmmakers still cranking out future classics?

(Via Montreal Gazzette)

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