Zombieland star predicts that sequel will probably never happen

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Dec 15, 2012

If you've been hoping Zombieland's undead-slaughtering band would get back together again for that promised sequel, you're a bit more optimistic than one of the movie's stars. Because in a recent interview, Jessie Eisenberg revealed he doesn't have much faith in the project.

Director Ruben Fleischer and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are supposedly working on a script for Zombieland 2 that will reunite the original cast: Columbus (Eisenberg), Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin). It's been Fleischer's desire that Z2 would be a much bigger film operating on a grander scale and even shot in 3D! Which sounds like it would require a mighty fat budget, too.

According to Eisenberg, in a chat with Little White Lies, the second helping of Zombieland is only in its preliminary stages and, if they don't get a solid script soon, it probably won't get done at all:

"No [I'm not making the sequel]. They're writing the script right now but I haven't seen it and I suspect that the longer we wait, the less relevant it will be. I mean, all the actors would love to do it and the director would love to do it but I'm not sure what's happening."

It would seem a no-brainer, considering the world's ravenous appetite for anything even remotely associated with zombies. But such is the paranormal complexities of creative folks in Hollywood. These are, you realize, the same suits that believe you'd love to watch a neutered Tom Hanks with dyed black hair on a moped, wooing a grinning Julia Roberts.

In an interview with Total Film earlier this year, Woody Harrelson admitted he was dead wrong on the first script and regardless of Zombieland's sleeper success, didn't feel like a sequel was the right thing to do. Could he be dead wrong again?

A huge hurdle would be reassembling the young stars for the paltry $20 million budget it was first filmed for, especially after the meteoric rise of Eisenberg and co-star Emma Stone, whose "Movies To-Do" lists stretch from here to Terre Haute. The original film grossed a respectable $102 million worldwide.

While Eisenberg seems genuine in his "thrilled" sentiments regarding a possible Zombieland sequel, we detect a note of doubt about whether it will ever happen.

So, Zombieland fans unite. Don't give up the fight! With enough support and continued pressure this decomposing baby could rise majestically and recreate the magic.

Are you prepared to go to the grave for a sequel? Or has its place in the sun come and gone?

(via Daily Blam)

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