Zombies jockey giant flying sharks in this insane red band teaser for Sky Sharks

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May 19, 2015

Here's a teaser trailer for a wild, WTF indie horror movie called Sky Sharks, with passengers on a jetliner enjoying their flight when a band of Nazi zombies riding colossal flying shark gunships interrupts their beverage service with a bloody cocktail of their own. 

Directed by Marc Fehse and produced by his brother, Carsten, this footage boasts impressive CGI effects from some Game of Thrones FX alumni, and was originally shown at the Berlin Film Festival in hopes of mounting a charge to meet their crowdfunding goals of $83K.  Their Kickstarter campaign ends mid-June, when the ambitious German brothers will start prepping for principal photography which is scheduled to begin January/February 2016 in either Canada or Germany.

Here's their official synopsis and pitch:

Deep in the ice of the Antarctic, a team of geologists uncover an old Nazi laboratory, still intact, where dark experiments had occurred. Unwittingly the geologists unleash upon the world a top-secret experiment the Germans had been working on - modified sharks that are able to fly, whose riders are genetically mutated, undead super-humans. The only thing that can stop them, and possibly save the world, is a military task force called “Dead Flesh Four“ – assembled from reanimated U.S. soldiers who fell in Vietnam.

With SKY SHARKS it is our intent to create the ultimate cult movie - one that has never been seen before, that will capture the hearts, minds, and souls of genre film fans around the world. Additionally, Germany in the early 1920s was the cradle of the horror film, but over the decades it has passed into oblivion. Today it's carving out a miserable existence. Our hope with SKY SHARKS is to not only make a great horror film, but to help put Germany back on the horror-making map.

With the new breed of over-the-top horror flicks like the Sharknado franchise, Dead Snow and Iron Sky films finding their niche audiences, this kooky concept just might take flight.  It's not quite Hitler riding a T-rex, but it's dang close.  Tell us if you're down with this delirious red band delight, and if you'll join the squadron to donate some dinero toward its cause.

(Via Bloody Disgusting)

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