Zoom all the way into Mars with this fascinating clip compiled from orbital imagery

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Aug 27, 2014, 12:56 PM EDT

If you’ve ever wanted to essentially do a pinch and zoom on a tiny sliver of Mars, your wishes have been answered.

A new video posted at io9 is compiled from images taken by the Mars Orbiter and the Mars Global Surveyor, and essentially serves as a live-action zoom all the way down into the Distributary Fan on Mars, which is located just northeast of Holden Crater.

The place is extremely unique, as the visualization shows where researchers believe water may have flowed across the Martian surface. It’s a fascinating peek to allow the average joe a chance to see what’d it’d be like to pull an Iron Man (sporting the MK III armor) and just fly right in for a landing.

We've all seen Mars photos, but this is a great way to take all those shots and data — then put it together in an easily digestible package of geeky awesomeness.

Check out the super-cool zooming animation video here (apologies, no embed available)

(Via io9)