Zoom and Damien Darhk wreak havoc in Flash and Arrow midseason trailers

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Dec 11, 2015

We’ve reached the midseason doldrums, but that doesn’t mean The CW left us with nothing while we wait for Arrow and The Flash to return for 2016.

The network has officially dropped midseason trailers for both Arrow and The Flash, showing where the two shows’ midseason finales will pick up in January. The Flash is obviously the more successful show as far as ratings are concerned, but Arrow played the trump card of cliffhangers, so it packs a much bigger emotional wallop. Not to discount Zoom’s apparent kidnapping ploy, but it’s hard to beat a bleeding Felicity.

Taking a closer look at the Arrow trailer, you can clearly see a certain machine show a certain flatline, but that obviously doesn’t mean it stays that way. Regardless, it’s going to be a very long Christmas break. As for The Flash, we finally get Barry’s big reveal to Patty —but let’s just hope Patty actually survives the episode. Gulp.

Check out the Flash preview below:


…and here’s the Arrow midseason premiere trailer:


The two shows are set to return January 19-20 on The CW.

(Via The CW)

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