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Nov 26, 2006

This is completely and utterly off-topic, but it's Sunday, I'm having very irritating Windows problems, and Andy is a friend of mine:

Don't buy a Zune for the holidays. Or ever.

This review is funny, articulate, and very biting. Andy Ihnatko is a god among electronics geeks, and reading that review you'll see why. I love the way he writes. He has a funny blog, too.

I met Andy years ago at a meeting in Colorado, and we hit it off instantly (not the least of which because we are both wildly in love with Barbara Thompson who introduced us). I felt smarter just being near him, because his level of intelligence and cleverness just lifts the ambient level in his vicinity. And this is in no way a means to suck up to him and his Olympus-like status. I think. I'll note that at that conference, he was able to slap down a Moon Hoax believer better than I could, which should really invoke feelings of murderous jealousy in me and not admiration, so there you go. He really is that cool.

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