The Best of 2015

Tuesday, December 1, 2015 - 2:20pm

December is upon us! For us at Syfy that means that there's quite a bit of exciting things on the horizon. It means that The Expanse and Childhood's End are primed to knock everyone's zero g boots off, and that The Magicians is right around the corner, all set to take you to a dreamworld of magic. Magic's about to get real! 

But, with 2016 looming in a distance we can't help but get a little nostalgic for the year that was. 2015 was a pretty amazing year for Syfy and we want to celebrate it in the best way we know how; by creating this sweet page to assemble 2015 content like Voltron. Every day we'll be highlighting our (and yours!) favorite moments from the past year. From Amanda Rosewater's epic side-braid to all of the ways that Dutch kicked ass in season 1 of killjoys, to the A - Z of Z Nation, we've got it all. 

So come back here daily and bask in the glory of 2015!

Here's what we've got so far:

  1. T'evgin Glares
  2. Dutch Kicks Ass
  3. Blogs
  4. Sharknado 3
  5. Elena in Wonderland
  6. A to Z Nation
  7. Syfy Movies Alphabet
  8. R.I.P Rahm Tak
  9. Important Lady Robots
  10. Ghost Hunters Bonus Scenes
  11. Most Effed-Up Things About Helix Season Two
  12. A Killjoy Who's the Best of All Worlds
  13. The Trials of Rayleen
  14. Bitten's Top 5 Weirdest Hookups
  15. Elena and the Terrible, Horrible, Rotten, Very Bad Day
  16. Ghost Hunters' Shari Ventura
  17. O Citizen Z, Where Art Thou?
  18. Killjoys the Game
  19. Defiance 90210
  20. 12 Monkeys Time Map
  21. Life After Paranormals - Andrea Perron
  22. Z Nation Mash-Up Character Generator
  23. 101 Photo Galleries