10 Random Things We Thought About The Expanse Season 3 Episode 9

Monday, June 4, 2018 - 13:17

The Expanse is a display of scientific accuracies and political complexities, but we're here to highlight all the random things you never knew other people thought about too. Below are some moments from Episode 9 that made us giggle, cry, and contemplate life (potentially all at the same time)! Tune in for all-new episodes of The Expanse, Wednesdays at 9/8c.

1. I Didn't Know It Was Anything Weird...

How fast Cohen's mouth moves when he has to explain what he did, makes us chuckle, but we're pretty sure everyone's in agreement that this slimy man-shemer BETTER be scared.

2. Ghost Whisperer

Holden's Miller-Conjuring Abilities: Unimpressive.

Holden's Eyebrow Arching Abilities: Real impressive!

3. Awkward Alex Part 1

Alex you are so incredibly awkward, and it's amazing. 

4. Awkward Alex Part 2

Lol at Holden having absolutely none of it. 

5. Soaring, Flying

Alex's last request before ejecting these two into space against their will is for them to clear Holden's name. Good luck with that...

6. Oh No, Baby!

Their relationship is WAY too close to flirty for our comfort... We don't know if Anna's having a premature midlife crisis or what, but she no longer seems like the steady moral compass and it's scaring us. 

7. We Are The Belt

Based upon her expression and lack of rhythmic stomping, it's looking like Naomi isn't really feeling the Belter life anymore. 

8. God Is Not With Us Out Here

Anna! What. Are. You. DOING? You have a family too! We feel like we don't even know who you are anymore...

9. Savage

Melva's uniform suits her *pun intended* because she's a total SAVAGE. And not the good kind of savage. We kinda hate her. 

10. Rocket Maaaaan

This is dope and frightening at the same time, and we're absolutely PUMPED for the next episode.