Our Top Expanse Moments: Season 1, Episode 8

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 - 07:00

There's a nightmare aboard the Anubis, a big party (with bullets!) in the lobby of the Blue Falcon and Julie Mao … well, you probably know by now. Spoilers and heartbreak ahead for The Expanse Season 1, Episode 8: "Salvage."

  1. Get Offa Me!


    Heh heh … ah, Miller. He just does not give two sh**s anymore. Give the man his information, or get a boot on your neck. Them's the rules … the only rule for our rogue hero at this point.
  2. Stealth Tech Stuff

    Stealth Tech Stuff

    We're like the little kid at the end of Time Bandits: "It's evil! Don't touch it!" Whatever that thing is, it's nothing but trouble. BIG trouble.
  3. Remember the Cant

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    You were a badass ride, Anubis, but you had too much bad juju to live. Ka-boom! Enjoy Stealth Ship Heaven.
  4. It's a Surprise Thing

    It's A Surprise Thing

    The rising tension was unbearable. And the hotel lobby shoot-out was awesome. Also, Miller and Holden finally meet! Too bad there's no time to grab a beer and get acquainted …
  5. Julie …?

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    Goddammit. We didn't see this coming. We thought Miller was gonna bust in and save Julie Mao from some nefarious hostage situation and then they'd be BFFs all through Season 2. This, obviously, was not meant to be.

    Also: what the HELL happened to her? Horrible.

Next Week: Season Finale!