Our Top Expanse Moments: Season 1, Episode 9

Wednesday, February 3, 2016 - 07:00

That's a wrap for The Expanse Season 1. Here's what we take with us from the season finale as we walk the long (too long) road to Season 2.

  1. A Low Profile

    A Low Profile

    Wow. Julie Mao really got put through the ringer. It's sometimes hard to watch the extremity and cruelty of her deterioration, and we can only hope her death, you know, means something along the way.
  2. Everyone's a Winner on Eros


    Except for this guy. Hiding out in the gaming arcade, Miller and Holden have no choice but to kill a CPM thug with their bare hands in order to keep their position from being compromised. The fact that they do this whilst dying from radiation poisoning makes this startling act of violence all the more brutal.
  3. Next Stop: Biohazard!


    Any readers out there who rely on public transportation know the challenges of dealing with overcrowded commutes filled with smelly and/or sickly passengers. Well, just be thankful you don't have to take the train on Eros.  
  4. We Gonna Rise Up

    We Gonna Rise Up

    Miller embraces his Belter blood (and even gives the accent a spin) … and avenges his partner, Havelock, via a bullet in Filat Kothari's brain (such as it is). We gonna rise up, indeed.
  5. You Did Find Her, Miller



See you in 2017 for The Expanse Season 2.