Julie Mao

Florence Faivre

The high-society daughter of one of Earth's wealthiest and most powerful people, Julie was never content with the life of a socialite or cutthroat enough for business. A champion light spacecraft pilot, she became well-known after garnering a number of wins on the Near Space Regatta circuit. After a falling out with her father, she rejected all of his wealth and support in order to start a new life out in the Belt. Joining a student organization – The Far Horizons Foundation – with ties to the Outer Planets Alliance, she worked tirelessly for the betterment of Belters … right up to the day she went missing.

About Florence Faivre

Florence Faivre's television credits include Alpha House, The Following, How to Make It in America and Kings.

Her film credits include Chok-Dee, The Elephant King and The Coffin.

You can follow Florence Faivre on Twitter. @Florence_Faivre