If Syfy Characters Were Brakebills Professors

Thursday, March 3, 2016 - 02:25

Welcome to Brakebills, that crazy, cooky, magical university you’ve been getting to know more about via The Magicians, each Monday at 9/8c. This week, we decided to add a few new courses and faculty members in the form of Syfy talent, to contribute to Brakebill’s reputation of er…um.. academic excellence.

Harvard, look out. We’re coming for your throne.

Professor McKenzie Westmore (Face Off)


Course Title: The Magic of Makeup  
Description:  Lipstick, mascara etc. and gym memberships are for amateurs. Why conceal your flaws when you can use magic to temporarily fix them? Use magic to put your best face and body forward.
Prerequisite: Biology 101

Professor Cole (12 Monkeys)

Course Title: International Traveler Studies
Description: Use your mind to trek the globe and bring home souvenirs, while your body never has to leave the comforts of campus.
Prerequisite: Geography 101

Professor Jason Hawes (Ghost Hunters)

Course Title: Ghosts Among Us
Description: Learn 101 neat ways to get the genie, demonic spirit and niffin, back inside of the bottle.
Prerequisite: Binge all 10 Seasons of Ghost Hunters with the lights off.

Professor Dutch (Killjoys)

Course Title: Kick Ass!
Description: Battle magic abound. You will learn how to tut your way out of any fight by calling upon the skills of great ass kickers who’ve come before you such as: Bruce Lee, Ronda Rousey, Muhammad Ali and Hit-Girl.
Prerequisite: Gym

Professor Bo (Lost Girl)

Course Title: Go to Hells
Description: Niffins are bad. Very bad. Discover how to banish these baddies to wherever-land by siphoning the life force right out of them.
Prerequisite: Must shop at Hot Topic.

Professor Elena (Bitten)

Course Title: Unleash the Beast
Description: Get in tune with your spirit animal and then learn how to tap into its best assets. Be it a bear, a butterfly or a wolf, be one with your animal instincts.
Prerequisite: Psychology