The Magicians at New York Comic Con 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016 - 15:58

ICYMI: The cast busted out a freestyle rap of Love Supreme and as expected, the crowd went wild. Who new the cast had bars? Also, our magical team gave details on what we can expect when the new season premieres in 2017.

The Beast: We'll definitely get to see some interesting interplay between Julia and The Beast, as the former plots her revenge for the horrible things done to her in Season 1.

More singing!  "There are several musical numbers in Season 2." YMMV.

Bigger and better: One definitely gets the feeling that the people behind the show feel an ownership of this story, now, and that the key focus moving forward is finding a way to both honor Grossman's work AND develop the original threads that were woven in Season 1.

See the cast dish on Season 2: