Watch the Full The Magicians San Diego Comic-Con Panel

Thursday, July 28, 2016 - 10:49

Lev Grossman, writer of The Magicians book series, hosted as the cast and showunners spoke about on set chemistry, their characters and of course, magic. Some highlights: Olivia Taylor Dudley would love to slap Jason Ralph but Alice won’t let her; Arjun Gupta gives props to the props team and Rick Worthy (Dean Fogg) asks the producers of the show to do him a solid and not kill him off (again) next season. Watch the full panel and highlight videos below:

Full Panel: What's in store for Season 2? The cast and showrunners spill on that and more!

The Magicians: Comic-Con Panel

The Magicians at SDCC 2016: Eliot's Stripper Heels: Kady would steal Eliot's stripper heels and the rest of the items that the cast would steal from each other.

The Magicians at SDCC 2016: Eliot’s Stripper Heels

Let's Talk About Taylor Swift: Jason Ralph talks about being a pop star for a day and, mainly, his sweet dance moves. 
The Magicians at SDCC 2016: Let’s Talk About Taylor Swift

From Page to Screen: Hear the origin story of how The Magicians went from page to screen.
The Magicians at SDCC 2016: Bringing The Magicians from Page to Screen

Turning Poop into Gold: Summer Bishil (Margo) would like to turn poop into gold. See what other superpowers the cast wishes they had.
The Magicians at SDCC 2016: Turning Poop into Gold

Expect more magic and what not when Season 2 premieres in January 2017.