Kady Orloff-Diaz

Jade Tailor

Kady sees only darkness. She has been kicked out of Brakebills University, holds deep remorse for being unable to help Julia, and lost her boyfriend and friends along the way. While Julia seeks Kady's help in her quest to kill Reynard, Kady's dangerous tendencies bubble to the top, and she is unable to control her destructive habits. With Penny out of commission working with the library and ailing from his time in the Poison Room, Kady will have to deal with her deep-seated issues on her own.

About Jade Tailor

Tailor was also seen as recurring characters on the TNT series “Murder in the First,” and the NBC series “Aquarius,” opposite David Duchovny. She also appeared in HBO’s “True Blood” and the NBC series “Vegas,” among others.
On the big screen, Tailor will next be seen in the Lorenzo Di Boneventura film Higher Power, a sci-fi thriller about a regular guy who acquires the power of a demi-God.  She also starred in the thrillers Cam2Cam and Altered Perception.  
Tailor currently splits her time between Los Angeles and New York.

You can follow her on Twitter @JadeTailor.