The Best of 2015 News

The Best of 2015: 12 Monkeys Time Map

Dec 15 - 7:00am

It's hard to keep track of time travel, but with this map, we've made it easy for you.

The Best of 2015: Elena and the Terrible, Horrible, Rotten, Very Bad Day

Dec 14 - 7:00am

Our heroine really got put through the ringer in Bitten Season 2, Episode 4.

The Best of 2015: Ghost Hunters' Shari Ventura

Dec 11 - 7:00am

This year, the Ghost Hunters got a new team member and her name is Shari Ventura.

The Best of 2015: O Citizen Z, Where Art Thou?

Dec 11 - 7:00am

There were several episodes in the second season of Z Nation that didn't feature Citizen Z. We offered our theories as to where he could've been. 

The Best of 2015: Killjoys the Game

Dec 10 - 7:00am

Whoever said life's not all fun and games never played this one.

The Best of 2015: Defiance 90210

Dec 10 - 7:00am

Ian Ziering's guest appearance on Defiance has us imagining his former Beverly Hills 90210 co-stars rolling into town.

The Best of 2015: The Trials of Rayleen

Dec 9 - 7:00am

Hunting ghosts in Australia is hard work, just ask Rayleen, Haunting: Australia's resident medium/clairvoyant.

The Best of 2015: Bitten's Top 5 Weirdest Hookups

Dec 9 - 7:00am

The sex scenes on Bitten are all kinds of hot. They're also sometimes ... a bit strange, too.