The Best of 2015 News

The Best of 2015: Most Effed-Up Things About Helix Season Two

Dec 8 - 7:00am

It was a lively tour through the island of St. Germain, filled with multi-generational incest, gunky yellow fungus, sibling rivalry, cannibalism, gas attacks and disfigurements.

The Best of 2015: A Killjoy Who's the Best of All Worlds

Dec 8 - 7:00am

Before the premiere of Killjoys, we did a side by side comparison of Dutch and some of the best heroes and ass kickers around - past and present.

The Best of 2015: Important Lady Robots

Dec 7 - 7:00am

You like The Android on Dark Matter. You'll like her colleagues, too.

The Best of 2015: Ghost Hunters Bonus Scenes

Dec 7 - 7:00am

The Internet was made for “bonus” content and The Ghost Hunters is no exception.

The Best of 2015: R.I.P. Rahm Tak

Dec 4 - 7:00am

In honor — and memoriam — of one of our all-time favorite villains, we've compiled a Best of Rahm Tak reel, featuring him at his strangest and most amusing.

The Best of 2015: An A to Z list of Syfy Original Movies

Dec 3 - 5:15pm

2015 was a banner year for our movies Sharknado 3 and Lavalantua. But lest you not forget that we also have an arsenal of other gorgeously named flicks. Triassic Attack, anyone?

The Best of 2015: Elena in Wonderland

Dec 3 - 7:00am

Elena's bad trip in Bitten Season 2, Episode 6 reminded us of a certain Disney animated classic. Feed your head.

The Best of 2015: Sharknado 3

Dec 3 - 7:00am

Surely the third time is a charm and Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! was no exception.