The Magicians News

Penny vs Penny

Jan 13 - 6:01pm

Who's your favorite Penny? 40 or 23? We explore who's got the better fashion or who loves the hardest.

The Magicians Writer's Room Blog: Episode 501

Jan 13 - 5:03pm

"Is the answer to existence really 42?" Find out what other questions were pondered during the making of Episode 501.

The Magicians Season 5 Titles and Descriptions

Dec 23 - 3:33pm

Want a sneak peek into the entire season? Here you go...

5 Reasons Why The Magicians Season 5 Trailer Gave Us LIFE!

Dec 4 - 4:33pm

They're bringing magic back and we don't know how to act!

Hero of the Week: King Margo

Sep 10 - 2:51pm

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s one of the greatest magicians of them all? Margo, duh.

6 Things We Learned From the Magicians Comic-Con Panel

Jul 22 - 11:12pm

At this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, actors Stella Maeve (Julia Wicker), Olivia Taylor Dudley (Alice Quinn), Hale Appleman (Eliot Waugh), Arjun Gupta (William "Penny" Adiyodi), Summer Bishi (Margo Hanson), Rick Worthy (Henry Fogg), Jade Tailor (Kady...

Watch Inside The Magicians Season 3 Interviews

Mar 16 - 11:11am

More magic awaits you with these exclusive Season 3 behind the scenes interviews.

Now Accepting Applications: The Magicians Trivia Challenge Skill for Alexa

Mar 9 - 3:55pm

With magic gone, Brakebills has decided to open up applications to the public. If you own an Alexa compatible device, simply ask it to "enable The Magicians trivia challenge."