The Magicians: A Questing Limerick

Friday, February 23, 2018 - 18:04

Come hither Magicians, behold!

I'll recap a story most bold.

In Episode 7,

we avoided Armageddon,

but the trail is still looking cold.


See our questing heroes,

going where no one else goes.

To get magic back,

they'll seek keys they lack

and endure some serious lows.



Gaze now upon the fair Dean

whose luck has run a bit lean.

He might now be blind,

but is keeping aligned

by drinking until he turns green.



Do you trust Poppy Klein?

I cannot be sure she's benign.

But she's helping out Q,

so what can you do,

but see if it all turns out fine?



Ah, our fair queen Mar-go.

May she never cease her gold glow.

We wish her the best

as she endures this test,

which Queen Fairy planned from the get-go.



It must be tough being half-dead.

It's messing with Penny's big head.

His options are quite grim,

but they'll surely need him

to avoid fates that they will all dread.


What will this story's end be?

For now I'll sit back and sip tea.

As the story unfolds,

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