The Magicians: Comic-Con Panel
San Diego Comic Con 2016

The Magicians: Comic-Con Panel


What’s in store for Season 2? The cast and show runners spill on that and more!

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The Magicians at SDCC 2016: Turning Poop into Gold
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The Magicians at SDCC 2016: Bringing The Magicians from Page to Screen
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The Magicians at SDCC 2016: Let’s Talk About Taylor Swift
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The Magicians at SDCC 2016: Eliot’s Stripper Heels
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The Magicians Season 2: First Look
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The Magicians: First Scene of Season 2
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The Magicians: Season 1 Recap
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Magicians: Season 1 Trailer
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Honor, Love, and Obey
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The Magicians and The Beast
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The Wit and Wisdom of Eliot
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