The Wit and Wisdom of Eliot

The Wit and Wisdom of Eliot


The tongue is sometimes mightier than the sword. Here’s Eliot’s best bon mots from Season 1 of The Magicians.

Inside The Magicians: Episode 13
Watch 03:48
Brakebills Backstage: Episode 13
Watch 01:56
The Whole Truth and Nothing But
Watch 03:09
Go BIG or Go Home
Watch 03:36
Inside The Magicians: Episode 12
Watch 04:14
Brakebills Backstage: Episode 12
Watch 01:35
Inside The Magicians: Episode 11
Watch 03:41
Emotional Roller Coaster
Watch 04:36
Brakebills Backstage: Episode 11
Watch 02:04
Reality Bites
Watch 05:00
Pillow Talk
Watch 03:22
Level Up
Watch 03:40