Vincent Gale

When Flesh became a vampire, his humanity disappeared. He feasted on the blood of those he once cared for with murderous glee. But after biting Vanessa Helsing, he turned human again! Dealing with vampires is nothing compared to living with the guilt of what he once was.

About Vincent Gale

Vincent Gale was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland. His television credits include Reign, Bates Motel, Blackstone, The 4400, Painkiller Jane and SGU Stargate Universe. He also played the role of Chief Peter Laird on Syfy's Battlestar Galactica.

Vincent's film credits include Hector and the Search For Happiness (2014), Tim Burton's Big Eyes (2014) and Firewall (2006).

You can follow Vincent Gale on Twitter. @vincentquigley