Science of The Expanse - Beyond Science
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Science of The Expanse - Beyond Science


We're diving deep into the science of The Expanse with executive producers Naren Shankar and Ty Franck. In the sixth installment we're looking at what happens when science goes out the window!

Science of The Expanse - High G Low G
Watch 02:21
Shooting Partner
Watch 00:57
Final Straw
Watch 00:00
Feet Don't Fail Them Now
Watch 01:27
Strange Bedfellows
Watch 00:56
Tit for Tat
Watch 00:00
Icy Reception
Watch 01:30
Boiling Point
Watch 01:30
Ground Control to Major Holden
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Science of The Expanse - Human Evolution
Watch 02:29
Sibling Sessions
Watch 01:24
Hard to Handle
Watch 00:36