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A River Runs Zoo It

S1 - E6 |
Aired: 11/01/2020
The critters go tubing on the river and Marny meets a fellow dolphin. 11:30

Broadcast Zoos

S1 - E5 |
Aired: 10/25/2020
The critters find an abandoned broadcast studio and starts making shows 11:24

Doug The Bear

S1 - E4 |
Aired: 10/18/2020
The zoo crew gets obsessed with tennis and befriend a cool bear. 11:16

Zook Club

S1 - E3 |
Aired: 10/11/2020
Debbie takes over Glenn's beloved book club 11:25

We Bot A Zoo

S1 - E2 |
Aired: 10/04/2020
Darby makes everyone robot versions of themselves 11:29

Bad Water

S1 - E1 |
Aired: 09/27/2020
The critters have go to the mall to save the zoo! 12:49

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