5 Burning Questions We Need Answered When Wynonna Earp Returns On June 9

Monday, March 27, 2017 - 18:45

Where you been Wynonna?! 

Wynonna's goin' all Wynonna again! Our favorite bad-girl-turned-demon-killing-badass will be back on June 9 at 10/9c.

For those not in the know, Wynonna Earp is based on the IDW Publishing comic book created by Beau Smith, and follows the life of famous lawman Wyatt Earp’s demon-fighting great-great-granddaughter Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano), who inherited Wyatt’s demon-killing gun, Peacemaker. In Season 2, Wynonna and the gang must face a whole new level of evil when a whole new slew of paranormal beings enter the Ghost River Triangle.

We're stroked for Season 2 because Season 1 left us with many a cliffhanger and unanswered question. Namely...

  1.  Who's your daddy? No, really. Who is your daddy, Waverly? According to Bobo, you're not an Earp. Are you a Holliday, a Knowles-Carter...a Kardashian?!


  2. Dolls or Doc or Both?


  3. Now that Wynonna has killed Bobo, the Revenant of all Revenants, has the Earp curse been broken?


  4. Now that Officer Haught is going all Black Badge, will that spell that end of the WayHaught relationship? Nah, we don't need an answer to that! WayHaught4Lyfe. 


  5. Is there a face cuter than this? But seriously, what's the deal with the demonic black eyes at the end of Season 1?


... and as a parting gift, we leave you with more "Wynonna". It's just fun to say!

Supercut: Every Time Someone Says Wynonna

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