Blastr Exclusive: Wynonna Earp's Shot Caller, Emily Andras

Monday, April 4, 2016 - 11:20

Blastr writer Jeff Spry sat down with Wynonna Earp's showrunner, Emily Andras, to talk about how the team developed the series, what she thinks about Tim Rozon's (Doc Holliday) performance, and a few other things.

Here's a nifty highlight from the interview:

Blastr: Doc Holliday returns in some incarnation, played by the charismatic Tim Rozon.  What's his role in the series?

Emily: Utterly charming s***-disturber-slash-con man, with shaded motivations and blue eyes that'll pierce your soul, right before he pierces your heart with a well-placed bullet.​ We tend to think of Doc as a hero, but in reality, he was a low level sociopathic survivor. He seemed like a fun addition to our dysfunctional cast of characters, and I'm sure he'll be a break-out one, thanks to Tim's mesmerizing performance.

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