How Hot Was #WayHaught: Season 2, Episode 2

Friday, June 16, 2017 - 15:37

Aside from the all of the demon-slaying, witty one-liners, and everyone's favorite doughnut-scarfing-crazy-chick-with-a-gun, Wynonna Earp Season 1 totally brought the heat with the relationship of Waverly and Officer Haught. It's no coincidence that once Waverly decided to ditch the Champ and get with Haughtness, the show really found its footing. In celebration of all things #WayHaught, we're going to chronicle their budding relationship in a weekly series that will answer the fundamental question that will be on your mind every Friday. How Hot Was WayHaught? Think of it like an episode recap, with pictures, and gifs, and all things #Wayhaught. 

Episode 2 was a doozey. In the rollercoaster of WayHaught this was Thunder Mountain. It was wholesome. It was electric. And it was more than a little bit Marvin. Let's dive in.

  1. Who needs a long drawn out apology when you have a face like this? This is Waverly's I'm-so-sorry-I-was-only-trying-to-protect-you-and-I'm-happy-to-see-you-and-damn-girl-you-look-cute-in-your-work-uniform look.


  2. And Waverly's not taking no for an answer.


  3. We interrupt our regularly scheduled WayHaught programming to bring you this important message. Wave's jacket game is on. point. That is all.



  4. By the way, in case you missed it, your standard run-of-the-mill gnarly demon spiders have invaded Purgatory. Quote of the Season so far?  "This annoying positivity thing, always been there, or just a by-product of banging a hot redhead?"


  5. Wait ... is Jeremy looking for a taste of the Docstache? What's going on here? Note to self: keep tabs on the newest member of the demon-hunting gang.


  6. Dim lights. Diggin' into a diary. Dis gon' be good ...


  7. Yissssss. And just like that WayHaught is back on track. All aboard the hype train! It. Is. On. #RapHorn. There's nothing that can stop us now!


  8.    -_-


  9. Hey Wynonna! So good to see you! 


  10. After a brief demon-slaying interlude we're back to Waverly and Nicole alone in a bedroom, and it looks like Wave just supplied some mood lighting.


  11. Life Advice: Find someone who looks at you the way Wave looks at Nicole.


  12. Things are looking good . . . Black Badge beef has been squashed. Not a Wynonna in sight . . .


  13. This. Ladies and gentleman is what the Graphics Interchange Format was created for. We'll sleep easy tonight just knowing that this moment exists.



VERDICT: #WAYHAUGHT! What a difference a week makes! Waverly and Nicole overcame some initial relationship speed bumps and took the fury road express to WayHaughtville.