How Hot Was #WayHaught: Season 2, Episode 4

Friday, June 30, 2017 - 12:52

Aside from the all of the demon-slaying, witty one-liners, and everyone's favorite doughnut-scarfing-crazy-chick-with-a-gun, Wynonna Earp Season 1 totally brought the heat with the relationship of Waverly and Officer Haught. It's no coincidence that once Waverly decided to ditch the Champ and get with Haughtness, the show really found its footing. In celebration of all things #WayHaught, we're going to chronicle their budding relationship in a weekly series that will answer the fundamental question that will be on your mind every Friday. How Hot Was WayHaught? Think of it like an episode recap, with pictures, and gifs, and all things #Wayhaught. 

Episode 4 saw Waverly harnessing her inner gumshoe, going all Holiday... Billie Holiday that is, and some super temporary dismemberment. Here's the play by play.

  1. Hey Gooverly! Whatcha doooin'


  2. Seriously, Wave, your sis and your best baby are concerned for real.


  3. We're concerned. You're concerned. Everyone and their mom is concered. Let's get to the serious business of seeing if Wave's got any singing chops. Hmmm ... off to a rocky start.


  4. Waverly is basically the perfect human. So what if she's low key possessed. 


  5. That's some Jessica Rabbit style smolder


  6. Bravo! Take a bow. Just wish that Nicole had been there to see your big debut.


  7. Looks like Waverly got herself into a *ahem* tight squeeze. We'll just see ourselves out of this blog.


  8. Honestly, sort of surprised that Wave's detached demon hand didn't flip us the bird.


  9. Hand might be gone (just for haught minute), but the humor is still in tact.



VERDICT: We need our Wayhaught and we need it now. Sure, not every episode can have epic pre-coital lifts or slow-mo cheerleading scenes, but this episode was most definitely lacking in WayHaughtness.