Wynonna Earp Episodes

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The gang races to save one of their own, but are hindered by unseen forces.

Trouble at the Homestead leads to payback time for a deadly deal.

Wynonna faces down an ancient enemy as Waverly and Nicole search for help.

Wynonna finds herself on the wrong side of the law, and Doc partners with a new demon.

Wynonna works with a new ally to rescue her family, but reunions come at a price.

Wynonna races to find a way into the Garden after her sister.



The Pledge Moon looms over Purgatory as Wynonna and Waverly must find a way to end the family curse before their demonic foe puts an end to the Earp line — and humanity — once and for all.


Wynonna has a run in with the Revenants that leads her to an unexpected revelation about the curse. Waverly meets an important figure from her past and Nicole tries to evacuate Purgatory, before it’s too late.


A mysterious woman who knows a little too much about the Earps arrives on the Homestead with a special mission for Wynonna and Waverly. The rest of the team must wrangle a deadly fire witch.


History keeps repeating itself when Wynonna has to make an impossible choice. Waverly and Nicole visit a jeweler and a familiar face returns to Purgatory.