Hottest WayHaught Moments - The Doctor Is In

Hottest WayHaught Moments - The Doctor Is In


We're counting down to Season 3 by recounting the WayHaught relationship from the beginning. In S2E10, Nicole fights for her life following a run-in with Widow #1, and Waverly finds out that what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Double Trouble
Watch 02:21
On the Lam
Watch 01:17
Watch 00:00
Snip Snip
Watch 02:11
Sorry, Not Sorry
Watch 00:00
The Hand is Mightier than the Sword
Watch 02:17
Feel the Fire
Watch 01:21
Watch 02:50
Waverly Cheerleading
Watch 02:01
Season 2, Episode 3 - Sneak Peek
Watch 01:45
Tit for Tat, Drat
Watch 02:24
The Circle of Life
Watch 01:52