Z Nation Episodes






Doc, Warren and George trek the trail of Talker tracks, looking for Dante and whatever
else they find. The path leads to Limbo. This place is a debauched hell-hole filled with
booze, gambling, talkers, blendeds, humans, fighting and more. Who could possible be in charge of this seedy established? One guess. It’s Murphy.

Murphy gives his pals a tour of the casino floor, and the sub-basement. What’s below?
The talker underground. He’s providing refuge to those on the lam. A mystery driver
deposits a new bunch daily. Who is at the wheel? Addy. It’s old home week!

After a lot of booze and a little coaxing, Addy agrees to lead Warren and George to
Dante. They bring him into Limbo to find Marjorie, his Talker wife. But of course they are followed by a group of Alturan mercenaries who want to take Dante back to his “trial.” Meanwhile, 10K continues his lone wanderings and finally meets up with the

What’s next, gang?