5 Head-Scratching Moments From Z Nation Season 4 Episode 10

Friday, December 1, 2017 - 18:12

Z Nation is filled with WTF. From Zombabies to Z Weed, to Zombie Balls, this show has flipped the script on the whole zombie genre. But for every time that the Liberty Bell was weaponized, for every "Cheese Wheel of Death", there's been an equally head-scratching moment that was overlooked. These are the moments that stand the test of time for pure irreverent weirdness, and this blog is an ode to those moments. Behold! The moments from Season 4 Episode 10 that you may have overlooked, but are weird AF.

  1. Just read the post-its. The world was once a simpler place. One where Rae Rae & Shaundah's hair products and accessories were in high demand.


  2. It's avante-garde! 


  3. I'd like to think that if you move on from this world and cross the river styx into the underworld, this dynamic duo would meet you in hell.


  4. This zombie loves vomit more than brains, and that just seems wrong.


  5. Sarge! Carefull with that snocket rocket! You'll poke someone's eye out with that thing.


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