Twelve Monkeys

Every good mythology has a legendary origin story, and Bruce Willis provides divine inspiration for the Syfy series in this 90s classic.
Tonight at 8/7c

The Expanse: Watch Trailer

Welcome to the future. The Expanse is coming to Syfy later in 2015.

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Childhood's End: Watch the Trailer

See the first full trailer for the adaptation of Arthur C. Clarke's classic novel. Coming in December.

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Bitten Q&A

Steve Lund discusses Nick's emo journey, while Greg Bryk muses on Jeremy's unstable authority

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Defiance Season 3: Looking Ahead

Inter-species romance, political conspiracy, cold fire shootouts. Season 3 is starting with a bang.

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Geeks Who Drink Is Coming

Zachary Levi's new game show is coming to Syfy. It's boozy, it's geeky, it's everything you want in a game show.

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Watch Season 2 of Defiance

Before Defiance returns on June 12, watch Season 2.

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