28 Weeks Later

6 months after the initial outbreak, the military attempts to secure a safe haven to help repopulate the British Isles with disastrous results.
Tonight at 8/7c

Watch Troy: Street Magic

Ping-Pong clubs, movie theaters and go-kart tracks. Best birthday party locales AND the sites of Troy’s latest tricks. Catch up on the latest thrills by watching full episodes.

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Watch the Magicians Trailer

Lev Grossman's best selling series is coming to Syfy. Get your first look.

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Watch 12 Monkeys

A dangerous mission from the post-apocalyptic future to save the world. Catch up.

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Dominion 101

Need a quick primer on Season 1? We've got you.

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Go Shark Yourself!

Use our app to insert yourself into a Sharknado!

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Dark Matter

Six strangers, an android and one huge adventure. Coming to Syfy June 12.

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