The Twilight Zone Marathon

Celebrate America's birth with an all day Twilight Zone marathon!
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Watch Killjoys

Join the team of Intergalactic Bounty Hunters on their weekly adventures. Full episodes are available.

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Face Off: All The Looks

Every look from every episode, in one place! Time to overdose.

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The Expanse: Watch Trailer

Welcome to the future. The Expanse is coming to Syfy later in 2015.

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Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

Run like the wind! Hide where you can! But there’s no escaping . . . Sharknado 3 lands July 22 at 9/8c
Sharknado 3

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Watch 12 Monkeys

A dangerous mission from the post-apocalyptic future to save the world. Catch up.

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Watch Defiance With Syfy Sync

It's the app that gives you a real-time enhanced experience of Defiance with photo galleries, trivia, videos, production secrets and more!

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