12 Monkeys Episodes


In the season finale, sacrifices are made, time travel is turned on its head and The Witness is revealed. Guest Star: Madeline Stowe.

Will Cole and Cassie's journey to 1957 save the time stream and preserve reality? Plus: At last, Titan City.

In an effort to save the last Primary, Cole must battle those he loves most.

The search for Titan City leads everyone to 1961, where truths, secrets and revelations change the course of the story – and time itself.

To save the last Primary, Cole must turn to a mortal enemy. Plus: Jennifer Goines, radical revolutionary?

Cassie is sent to 2020 by Jones with one mission: Kill the younger Jones and prevent time travel from ever happening.

The Temporal Facility comes under attack from a surprising source. Not everyone will survive.

Ramse and Cole must travel to 1975 New York to stop the murder of a primary, while Cassie faces a new terror.

Cassie and Jennifer must work together to save the future, while Cole makes a surprising move with Deacon.

While Ramse travels to 1944 to save Cole and Cassie, the true intent of the Army of the 12 Monkeys emerges.