Predator 2

The evil alien hunter arrives in the City of Angels, where he preys on the innocent....and only Gary Busey can stop him!
Tonight 9/8c

Watch: Every Episode of Face Off

ALL of the first seven seasons - plus what's aired of Season 8 - are online for you to watch. Seriously - every single challenge. Every single make-up. All in one place.
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The Expanse

Welcome to the future. The Expanse is coming later in 2015 to Syfy.

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Lost Girl 101

Confused at what the hell has happened thus far? Get prepped in anticipation of Season 5.

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The 12 Monkeys Wall

Explore the origins of the virus, the truth about time travel and more.

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Syfy Now

Our app lets you watch episodes whenever and wherever you want.

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Helix: Access Granted

Access the files of the Ilaria Corporation and learn secrets about the world of Helix.

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