Aaron Gault

Brandon P Bell

Role: XO 
Born on the lower decks, Gault entered Officer Training School as soon as he was able, and quickly rose through the ranks. He's got everything a former lower-decker could ever ask for: Respect from the Captain of the ship, a high ranking position and charming good looks. But there's one thing Gault wants that he can't have no matter how hard he tries – Duke Vanderhaus' wife.

About Brandon P Bell

Born in Dallas, Texas, Brandon P. Bell spent his youth playing sports until his parents enrolled him in the African American Children's Theater (AACT) to gain exposure to the arts. From that point on he knew that acting was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. After high school, Bell moved to Los Angeles and was accepted into the USC Theater Program. In 2007, he graduated from USC with a bachelor's degree in theater and in 2008 with a master's degree in education.

Brandon's past credits include guest-starring roles on the hit television shows NCIS, Two Broke Girls and Revenge, a recurring role on ABC Family's Switched at Birth, and a starring role in the Nickelodeon drama Hollywood Heights. Bell made his film debut in the Lionsgate feature film Dear White People, directed by Justin Simien.

You can follow him on Twitter @Brandon_Bell