Dr. Juliet Bryce

Andrea Roth

Role: Chief Medical Officer
Juliet's a good woman: Upstanding, dependable, concerned for her fellow man. Having never known any other life outside Ascension, Juliet is keen to follow its rules. Now if only she could get her daughter Nora to follow the same straight and narrow path.

About Andrea Roth

After beginning her career in modeling, Andrea Roth easily segued into acting, appearing in dozens of TV series and films, including a starring role in the critically acclaimed series, Rescue Me. Roth's credits include the feature Dark Places with Charlize Theron and Chloe Moretz, and recurring roles on the CBS series Blue Bloods and the CW series Ringer. In 2010, Roth gave birth to her daughter, Ava Reese.

You can follow her on @andrearoth888