Chapter Three

So this is the night called Ostara, a completely unique birth ritual aimed at keeping the ship's population at a certain number (600 by the way.) Basically, this is the night when everyone finds out if they're allowed to have a baby. Christa, meanwhile, hears someone laughing in the hall. Is it Lorelei? As she follows the ghost down the hall to the party, Viondra announces who will be allowed to give birth this year: two couples who aren't really that important, and Duke and Emily Vanderhouse! Which is a bummer because Emily is totally in love with Aaron Gault.

Anyway, the ghost of Lorelei tells Christa to look away and then a video plays of Lorelei sleeping with the captain. And then Lorelei's face gets terrifying.

Later, Christa is asked to take an MRI by Dr. Burns (Let's remember that they invented it on the ship!) while Viondra and William have a fight about the video of him sleeping with Lorelei. Nora and James meet on the beach to talk about how their love can never be – not until someone finds the courage to destroy the birth computer. Councilman Rose tells the Captain that he needs to step down, and insults Viondra in the process. Then they fight.

Samantha stops in and sees Enzmann's henchman Carrillo, steals his keycard and then it turns out that Director Warren has come to town. She's not happy with the report she got from Samantha and she's here to ask some hard questions. Meanwhile, Samantha goes down to see Stokes, and he's halfway through staging an escape. Wrong place, Wrong time. He punches her right in the face.

Back on the ship, Viondra tells the girls to go back to the dorms and prepare for an inspection, and Jackie goes immediately to the Captain. He asks if she can do him a favor, which turns out to be delivering extra rations to a woman and an "unclaimed" (that's code for a child born out of wedlock, guys). At the beach, Viondra takes a naked swim, and then makes out with James as revenge for Lorelei.

Stokes takes Samantha hostage and leads her through the compound. And as he comes into the room where the Ascension is held, he looks up and sees it for the first time, and has a breakdown. He doesn't know how it's possible that they've landed and Samantha tells him that they never left.

Meanwhile, Gault continues to investigate the murder and finds out that the video appears to have been uploaded by the Captain. Duke confronts Emily about her affair with Gault and it's confirmed. He freaks out and leaves.

As Samantha tries to help Stokes escape, Katherine Warren takes over the Ascension project by having him escorted out. He's worried that the project will fail and everyone will be gassed within six months. She relieves him of his duty, has Carrillo stay on as her second-in-command, and he's roughed up by some of her goons. Meanwhile, Samantha is having trouble keeping Stokes in line. He wants to see everything outside, but what he finds is the memorial for fallen members of the Ascension. A security guard opens fire and Samantha is hit!

Back on the ship, the Captain is brought up on charges for having an unclaimed but he turns the tables when he reveals that the unclaimed child is that of another of the council members. But bigger fish are being fried. Lorelei comes back and leads Christa off where she sees the fight between Gault and Duke. IT freaks her out and she electrocutes Duke while creating a surge of energy that radiates out from the ship and takes everyone down.

As everyone recovers from whatever Christa has done to the ship, Director Warren accuses Harris of creating the blue energy surge, but he counters by telling her that it's likely Christa.  She decides to listen to him and gives him his job back.

Back on the ship, things are complete pandemonium. People are panicking, the computers are all down, and it's the first time that the outside doesn't have eyes on the inside of the ship.  As Viondra decides to take supplies from the bar to the medical deck, a guy from the lower deck attacks her. She fights him off.
As everyone on the ship tries to fix things, a broadcast has turned up on one of the monitors of the present day. And their man on the inside (Dr. Burn's husband) pulls the plug. 

All this while Director Warren buddies up to Carrillo, and assures him that he'll still be rewarded for taking down Harris, as long as he stays close.

On the ship, the chaos continues as Jackie tries to get the protection of Councilman Rose. He turns her down and tells her there's a price for failure. As Viondra helps Dr. Burns with the supplies, people are starting to faint around the ship. First one of the stewardesses, and then Emily. Then a third guy. It turns out that the air scrubbers are no longer working and that CO2 levels are climbing in the ship – to near fatal levels.

Samantha, meanwhile, takes Stokes to a motel where he helps her heal from her bullet wound. They strangely become friends while he watches TV and Samantha decides it's time for them to leave. Samantha takes Eva to her "bug-out" car, and prepares them to leave and says she's going "Full Snowden" and telling everyone about Ascension.

Harris works hard to get the carbon dioxide scrubbers online and to get some oxygen back into the ship while James tells Viondra that with the Captain a few decks below, she's in charge.

Meanwhile, on earth, nobody's sure what to do to save the ship.  But it looks like the thing they can't do is vent the ship because it would cause too much confusion. Director Warren sends a guy named Medici into the ship to kidnap Christa, so at least she'll be safe.

On the ship, Councilman Rose tries to assume command of the ship, but Viondra has frozen the chain of command and he has no power. She orders him off the bridge. Atta girl, Viondra. Meanwhile in the scrubber room, Gault is blown away by a Carbon Dioxide explosion and he and the Captain realize that they don't need to fix the scrubbers; they just need to dump the lithium dioxide into the system, so that the CO2 will convert to oxygen and water. 

Back on Earth, Samantha and Eve have plans to leave town with Stokes. He is looking up at the moon, super impressed by it. When he confronts Eva and Samantha, they calm him down and Samantha realizes that Eva knows more than she ever let on, and thus is working for someone else! Eva can't have Samantha foiling her plans, and thus she shoots Samantha in the head, killing her.

Back on the ship, Burns tries to protect Christa but is taken down by Medici. Elsewhere, Captain Denninger and Gault find the carbon dioxide scrubbers, and dump the lithium dioxide into the ventilation system.  Gault is interrupted halfway through his effort to save the ship by a strange feeling about Christa, whom he runs off to protect. The carbon dioxide plan works and water and oxygen rain throughout as Gault and Medici fight and fight. The fight scares Christa, who conjures another one of her power surges. The result? Medici and Gault disappear, but to where?

Stokes is on the run and Director Warren is furious. As she tries to get a hold of Medici inside, Harris pushes her off the platform and kills her. Which is nuts. But not as nuts as the next part, when Harris claims that everyone on board is "going to space." What? How? When?

And then, scariest of all is where Gault ends up – on a distant planet, alone, face down in a puddle.